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Ár: 274 358 Ft bruttó

Válasszon képet:

Stereo PA amplifier,
with DSP technology.
  • Operating mode (stereo, parallel or bridged), crossover network, delay, compressor and limiter adjustable via DSP
  • DSP can be programmed via USB
  • Temperature-controlled fans
  • 2 level controls
  • Ground lift function
  • Speaker switch-on delay
  • Protective circuit with LED indication for protection against short circuit, overheating and DC voltage overlay at the outputs
  • Each channel with LEDs for indicating operating voltage, signal and limiter
“Neat workmanship and an impressive performance [...] with optimum technical features. The integrated smart DSP control or DSP programming allows for an operation both with or without computer support.”
tools4music 06/2018
“The STA-2200DSP from IMG STAGELINE is a robust and highly reliable amplifier. In my opinion, the newly integrated option for digital control highly improves the series. Due to its weight, this device is primarily suitable for installations. However, if you value reliable and well-approved technology and you do not mind the extra kilos, it can very well be used on tour. The mounting depth requires deeper cases, though. Thanks to the easy-to-maintain design, this version can still be repaired in the future. MONACOR INTERNATIONAL provides the corresponding service. Therefore: both thumbs up!”
Max. teljesítmény 3.000 W
4Ω-on 2 x 1.200 W
8Ω-on 2 x 750 W
4Ω-on, hídban -
8Ω-on, hídban 1 x 2.200 W
Kimeneti impedancia -
Csillapítási tényező -
Átviteli tartomány 20-20.000 kHz
Keresztezési frekvencia -
Magas hangszabályzó -
Jel/zaj viszony ≥ 90 dB
Áthallási csillapítás > 55 dB
Teljes harmonikus torzítás < 0,1 %
Nyugalmi áram -
Megengedett körny. hőm.
Szélesség 483 mm
Mélység 496 mm
Magasság [U]
Tömeg 21 kg