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GSM/GPS vehicle alarm system,
for tracking and securing vehicles.
  • Built-in GPS receiver for tracking exact location and for monitoring vehicle movements
  • Notification of position/condition or tampering with the vehicle to up to 4 users via telephone call or SMS message
  • Operation and monitoring of central locking via vehicle alarm system
  • Additional output for connecting and controlling additional devices, e.g. auxiliary heating, ventilation
  • Automatic recording from start to end of a journey, activated when ignition is either switched on or off
  • Separate data collection for business trips and private journeys
  • Power supply via vehicle's electrical system (12/24 V). If the vehicle voltage fails, power will be supplied via integrated backup battery
  • The web-based mobile service MyJablotron Cloud allows for extensive control options and monitoring options. A SIM card is required for operation and is available from us with an attractive data rate
Vivőfrekvencia 868 MHz
Maximális hatótávolság -
Megengedett körny. hőm. -20-+80 °C
Méretek -
Tömeg 350 g
Egyéb jellemzők -